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Option 1 - Donate/Tip Everthiana

And specify which comic you would like to donate to in the special instructions section. Just to let you know, you don’t have to donate to support us if you don’t want to for whatever reason, you can always Like, Share, Subscribe, and turn off your ad blocker (if you have one) when reading our comics. It’s free to do so, and shows us your support.

However, by donating to either one of the series, you are directly contributing to the continuation of the series you donate to. You can donate as little as a $1 once or a $1 monthly. It’s all up to you as you can set the amount when donating. Everything counts as even a little can go a long way to support us.

Option 2 - Commission Everthiana

You’ll get yourself a customized/personalized art from the creator of the comics herself. Head on over to the Commissions Page for more details.

With your contribution(s), we’ll be able to produce more pages/episodes and even post extra content!

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