My Webcomics

Aenigma Essentia

A dialogue-heavy, drama-fantasy comic that follows an individual who does not remember anything about himself, and experiences peculiar things as he goes on his quest to find answers.
Top priority series; updates whenever I can get it done.


A comedy-romance comic that follows an unlikely pairing. A black tiger and a gray rabbit. One day, the two mysteriously become humanoids (anthropomorphs). They now live their new humanoid lives together, learning the ways of being a part of this amazing thing called "Society."
Updates whenever I get it done; not a top priority series at the moment.

Omega Project

A drama-sci-fi comic featuring a race of anthropomorphic creatures called Betas, who are the key to the success of a world renown company called Eudaimon Labs. Protected by the law, the Betas peacefully live within Omega City; a haven created by Eudaimon labs for all of humanity and a key part of their Omega Project. One day, that peace will be shattered soon...
Updates whenever I have something to share; the series is still under production and I plan to work on it after I finish Aenigma Essentia.

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