Art Commission Information

I'll create a custom artwork just for you. Just tell me what you want and I'll draw it.

Status: OPEN
Line art: $25 (For single character/subject)

  • Add another character/subject: $10 each
  • Add shading: +$5 (You will also receive the original lineart version)

Line Art Examples:

For shaded examples, read the Aenigma Essentia webcomic, it's more or less like the comic shading style.
Colored art: $40 (You will also receive the original lineart version)

  • Add another character/subject*: +$20 each
  • Add Background: Simple background only (includes transparent background). Free of charge.

Colored Art Examples:
Note: If you want artwork that includes a detailed/elaborate background, larger format, or art that is nsfw, it will typically be double the normal amount.
My Policy:
As the artist, I own the rights to my own works. The commissioned work(s) should be used for personal use only (e.g. non-profit use). I also have the right to refuse certain commissions because I either do not agree to the idea, or because I lack experience in the subject. I aim to provide the best quality work I can for my commissioners. You can always ask for a quote to make sure if I am able to fulfill your commission.
Payment Method/Options:
All payments will be through Paypal. Payments must be made after I send an invoice. After the payment goes through, I will proceed with working on the product. If you are unable to fully pay the commission in one payment, such as for high-value or multiple commissions, it can be split into various payments. We can discuss on how to arrange such payments. I will also give full refunds if I am unable to finish the commission or do not wish to finish the commission for whatever reason.
Via E-mail:
When e-mailing/messaging me for a commission, please title it with the word “Commission” and include your name or alias (whichever you want to identify with) so I can distinguish your message from the rest.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions as well. ^_^
If I do not respond to your message within a week it may be because the message has not reached my inbox, so please send another message.

**All the contents above will be subjected to some changes depending on the circumstances in the future. This Art Commission Information page also acts as a contract as well as a guide. So if you commission me, you agree to these terms/policies.

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