Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Generic Update

Hi all, I know I haven't updated this blog for a very long time. I've been quite busy with many things in real life and I get overwhelmed easily when it comes to maintaining my internet life. I try to make things simple for myself so I don't get confused or even frustrated.

Recently I've been on Instagram as it is the most convenient for me. I post my art there, especially doodles/sketches and some other fun and exclusive stuff. It is probably the place where it is easiest to reach me as I get notified of direct messages. So add me and talk to me there if you like. =)

I also check my deviantArt on occasion. You can also contact me there. I may not look like I am active there but I am. I mostly just browse and favorite other people's art. I also post most of my art there. So I currently don't have much use for this blog at the moment.

As for the status of my webcomics, I plan to get back to working on them when I am able to. Creating webcomics take a HUGE amount of time and resource, and it's especially hard to work on them when I am doing them for free; I don't get paid. So, I have to prioritize my commission/freelance work and my non-art related job. In other words, the update status of the webcomics will be unpredictable.

Well, that is all for this update. See you all at either deviantArt or instagram. And when I get back to updating my webcomic, see ya at Tapastic as well. ^_^