Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Generic Update

Hi all, I know I haven't updated this blog for a very long time. I've been quite busy with many things in real life and I get overwhelmed easily when it comes to maintaining my internet life. I try to make things simple for myself so I don't get confused or even frustrated.

Recently I've been on Instagram as it is the most convenient for me. I post my art there, especially doodles/sketches and some other fun and exclusive stuff. It is probably the place where it is easiest to reach me as I get notified of direct messages. So add me and talk to me there if you like. =)

I also check my deviantArt on occasion. You can also contact me there. I may not look like I am active there but I am. I mostly just browse and favorite other people's art. I also post most of my art there. So I currently don't have much use for this blog at the moment.

As for the status of my webcomics, I plan to get back to working on them when I am able to. Creating webcomics take a HUGE amount of time and resource, and it's especially hard to work on them when I am doing them for free; I don't get paid. So, I have to prioritize my commission/freelance work and my non-art related job. In other words, the update status of the webcomics will be unpredictable.

Well, that is all for this update. See you all at either deviantArt or instagram. And when I get back to updating my webcomic, see ya at Tapastic as well. ^_^

Monday, April 18, 2016

Maplestory Female Xenon Fanart

So I haven't been the most active lately with my art but I do have a great surprise for you all. I recorded the entire art process of my female Xenon fanart piece and created this nifty time-lapse video featuring the song "Cracks" by Freestylers. I thought the song fit the character well... ^_^

This isn't the first time I've recorded my art process, but this is the first time I've recorded the entire process successfully. As for the details, it took me approximately 4 hours and 9 minutes to complete the image based on the recording. I sped up the recording to 10x speed and it went down to 25 minutes. What you see above is the short version, which cuts out all the unnecessary bits (like me doing nothing but swirling the cursor around... or being indecisive about something rofl) and repetitive parts. If you're interested in the full timelapse version which has no music but shows the entire process, it will be included in my April 2016's Patreon reward.

The funny and annoying thing about the video is that the edit took longer than creating the art... 5+ hours... I dread video editing for that reason. However, I am proud of creating the video. I will try to do more of these in the future. I'm thinking of only recording the sketch and coloring phases as the lineart phase is pretty obvious and repetitive, it's mostly going over the sketch... nothing interesting.

Anyways, here is the lineart and illustration below:

And for those who are wondering why I made this fanart... it is because I was recently playing Pocket Maplestory and was playing this character. I liked the design of the character. =P

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Aenigma Essentia Comic Update Delay

I was unable to finish the page on time because I haven't been feeling too well lately. However, I've gotten half of the work done so far, which is drawing the characters and laying out the page. The other half that needs to be done is the shading and text. It will take a bit of time for me to do the shading as I plan to put some detail in the background for this page. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish this page by Thursday. Thanks for being patient.
Here's the preview of the page:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Colored Sketches and Zootopia Fanart

Wow, I've been busy lately and haven't been able to work on my art much. But do not worry, I've got quite a lot of stuff to show in this post.

I finally colored the sketches from my last post. Just a quick color on drawpile... I noticed I had a small problem with coloring on drawpile. When I tried to shade the two Everthianas, the colors became blotchy for some reason, so I had to redo it. It was weird how that happened. Oh well, at least I had no problem coloring Yejide. o.O

Aside from my sketches, I just recently watched the movie Zootopia with my hubby and loved it. I highly recommend folks to watch it, especially if you love animated films and animals. Anyway, I decided to create some fanart. I wanted to see some of the characters in my own style. ^_^

Here's Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. It was a bit of a challenge to decide how they would look in my style. I did my best, especially with their hairstyle since they don't have hair in their original style/form. Ahaha... ^^;;;

Here's the lineart version of the piece as well.

I really like how this one came out... I was aiming for Shakira as a gazelle anthro... Or the character Gazelle from Zootopia resembling more like Shakira... Either works. rofl xD;;;

And here is the lineart version. ^_^
Well, that is all for today's art blog post. Hope you all enjoy my strange art. =P

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Minor Artblock And Some Other News

Art Block
I had a bit of a minor artblock for the last couple of days and tried to fight it off by sketching my muse Everthiana. I also drew Yejide from Aenigma Essentia because I can. There's something therapeutic about drawing my AE characters... anyway, I'm just glad I was able to draw still despite feeling bleh.

I like how they came out in this sketch done entirely on Drawpile. Yes, I'm still practicing on this program. So far it seems it has all the vital tools a digital artist needs, and that's good enough for me. The only problem I have so far is the eraser tool, it just feels strange to me. There's nothing wrong with the tool, it just got a different feel to it and will take a while for me to get used to it...

I'm going to color these sketches and see how it turns out. I have a lot of work to do in terms of coloring because I have troubles with arbitrary things such as color. I also need to improve my shading as I tend to do it rather lightly or in a weak manner; I'm aware my stuff can seem rather bland or flat. I'm hoping to find a coloring and shading style that better suits with my own drawing style as well as get rid of my bad habits... >.<;

Webcomic Site Updates
I've recently made some minor changes to the webcomic sites. I decided to fuse the Gallery and Extras section as one. AEssentia and Omega will have the Extras section as most of the materials will be bonus material. R&C on the other hand gets the gallery as most of the stuff I post there are just illustrations. There's no bonus material for that series because of the nature of it; what you see is what you get and most of the things you see will be within the comic. Also, I'd like to mention that any news regarding my webcomic series will be posted here, so it will not interrupt with the flow of the comics. I've added this blog's link to each of the webcomic's menu.

Rika & Chivek Status
So some of you may have noticed I haven't updated the series since Valentine's Day. The thing is, I haven't been feeling very motivated to do the series since I have other projects to manage. I also have to be in a particular mood to do this series... either silly, goofy, not-serious, etc. By default I'm a serious kind of person, and so I feel much more comfortable working on AEssentia or Omega. The good news is that I am currently working on the next episode, hopefully it'll be out by this Friday night. Bad news is that the series will most likely experience frequent and long hiatuses... with or without notice.